Plasma Cutting

Hi Definition

3.2 Mtr x 12 Mtr Cutting Table

This machine incorporates the latest technology in plasma cutting.

Tandem Tool holders each running a HT4070 hi definition cutting head as well as an arc marker + 5 Hp x 12mm drill.
This machine cuts with laser quality on material 5mm to 20mm at about 1/3 the cutting cost.

Cutting of Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium 1.5 mm to 25mm thick.


Plasma Cutting + Drill Center
3.5 Mtr x 30 Mtr Cutting Table

Drill capacity

  • 30 Station tool magazine
  • Drill 50 mm Diameter.
  • Tap 35mm Diameter.
  • Bevel Cutting
  • Oxy 200 mm Thick
  • Plasma 50mm Thick 
  • Plate preparation + bevel cut to top + underside of plates or to discs, flanged or curved parts.

Oxy Cutting

Arc Marking
Marking of part numbers, bend or weld points