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Plasma Cutting Services

Shearform are experts in plate processing steel, and to us, plasma cutting is no different.

Based in Dandenong, we are a trusted supplier to many of Australia’s leading manufacturers and are recognised as one of the most efficient and reliable processors of steel. Our plasma cutting services have been serving businesses all around Melbourne for decades.

Our Plasma cutting machinery offers up to 30m long cutting with bevelling and tapping on the one machine, which ensures costs can be kept to a minimum. Plasma cutting is the fastest and most efficient form of profiling and with good edge quality and high degree of accuracy. Plasma Cutting should be your first thought for cost effective processing.

Due to our large capacity and many machines we are equipped to handle one off prototypes to high-volume production runs and welcome any enquiries if you think we may be able to help.


  • 3,200 x 12,000mm Hi-definition Plasma.
  • 3,300 x 30,000mm Plasma with bevelling and drill centre.
  • 30 Station tool magazine.
  • Drill 50mm diameter.
  • Tapping up to M36.
  • Bevel cutting.
  • Oxy 200mm Thick
  • Plasma 50mm Thick Plate
  • Flame Cut 80mm
  • Weld Preparation
  • Bevel cut top & underside of plates
  • Flanged or curved parts.
  • Marking of part numbers
  • Marking bend points
  • Marking weld points


  • Stainless Steels 304, 316 & 410
  • Mild Steel (up to 25mm)
  • Aluminium (up to 20mm)
  • Timber
  • Acrylic
  • Brass
  • Titanium

Plasma Cutting Services Melbourne
Plasma Cutting Services Dandenong
Dandenong Plasma Cutting Services

Plasma Cutting Service