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Tube and Pipe Bending Services

Shearform has extensive knowledge in the tube and pipe bending area and with a large existing tooling library there is little we will not be able to do.

Having decades of experience in offering quality tube bending services to companies all around Australia – we’ve build up a reputation as one of the most trusted Melbourne Metal Bending services in the nation.

Understanding the way material moves when being bent to a radius, and the support that is required to minimise deformation and crushing is largely down to the tooling and type of machinery being used.

Shearform have invested in quality Metal Bending machinery and tools to give our customers confidence of a quality repeatable bends when dealing with us. Production runs or one offs are welcomed and with many machines capacity will not be an issue when deadlines need to be met.


  • Light to Medium wall Rolling
  • RHS 150 x 75 x 5mm
  • SHS 75 x 75 x 5mm
  • Up to 80NB Pipe
  • Custom Profiles available


  • Stainless Steels 304, 316 & 410
  • Water Pipe
  • RHS
  • SHS
  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Titanium

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