Oil and Gas Fabrication

The oil and gas industries are sophisticated markets for steel solutions, and another industry in which Shearform has become an expert in.

We have earned a market leading reputation for supplying steel solutions for a wide range applications within the oil and gas fields. Our extensive cutting, oil and gas fabrication and engineering capability enables us to supply high quality fabricated parts for the offshore and renewable energies market.

From specialising in the machining of valve flanges to sub-sea connectors, pipeline recovery tools, fully tested fabricated pipe, offshore suction pipes, blast walls and pressure vessels for many applications within the oil and gas industry.

We are well placed to accommodate the demands of projects both large and small and a wide range of modern fabrication and welding equipment, we provide MIG, TIG and arc coded welding services as well as large machined fabrication. We are trusted with multi-million dollar contracts as leading industry experts in the offshore and renewables sector.

All work is completed under ISO9001 standards, designed to ensure compliance with Australian law and achieve ongoing performance and longevity of the product. As offshore manufacturing constantly evolves in both size and complexity, our continued investment in the latest state-of-the-art machinery allows us to offer a comprehensive one-stop-service.

Typical Applications

  • Industrial Tanks
  • Industrial piping
  • Industrial Modules
  • Conveyors
  • Industrial Vessels
  • Industrial Process Equipment
  • Industrial Pressure Equipment
  • Structural Skids
  • Structural Decks
  • Safety Equipment
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