Shearform - pressure equipment
Shearform - pressure equipment

Oil and Gas


Shearform is your one-stop shop when it comes to pressure equipment manufacturing for oil and gas applications. We can create a variety of vessels and piping systems in just about any size or configuration. Whether the material needs to be standard carbon steel, various types of stainless steel, or even exotics, look to Shearform to manufacture storage vessels, pressure piping, skid fabrication or pressure vessel.

We pride ourselves on our project management, design and support, and overall dedication to quality. Our commitment to quality control implements in-house and third-party inspection processes.

All vessel welding performed by Shearform follows AS1210, AS1554, AWS D1.1, ASME IX, ASME B31.1. API-650 and can cover all local and international welding codes. To ensure quality, our program uses liquid penetrant, x-ray, and hydrostatic inspection methods.

Enjoy the control and convenience of a single source for all of your piping needs, including design, project management, and inspection. Contact us when you need process skid assemblies, simple pump skids or complex piping modules complete with instruments including fitting and testing of all mechanical equipment and controls.


Typical Applications
  • Process Skids
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Piping
  • Tanks
  • Specialized Welding
  • Complex Fabrication