Shearform - commercial transport
Shearform - commerical transport

Commercial Transport


Shearform is a trusted supplier to commercial vehicle manufacturers of Australia. We are known for being a chassis and commercial transport part supplier, in addition to providing commercial transport spares.

With superior manufacturing and handling facilities at our 10 acre site there is little we will not be able to do for you. Long length processing may allow us to help improve your current product, reduce manufacturing times and reduce costs incurred. We understand the importance of delivering on time and keeping your production lines moving.

We supply safety critical parts including booms, chassis and major structural components. These parts are manufactured from high strength materials, such as Hardox, Domex, Quard, Weldox, Strenx and Bisalloy, which allows our customers to reduce vehicle weight whilst increasing payload.

Typical Applications 
  • Custom angles, channels, zed sections and C sections.
  • Chassis and top rails
  • Sub frames and rock ribs
  • Front and side walls
  • Tailgates and ballraces
  • Tarp bows
  • Stiffener and floor plates
  • Brackets and splash guards
  • Reinforcing/rip plates
  • Bucket skins
  • Custom fabrication
  • Hardox wear plates
  • Exotic material